Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Links: December 9

You're already a hardened criminal. What law firm do you use, the one that sends you strippers posing as paralegals or the one sending some guy in a suit? [link]

A horrifying revelation about how Time Lords spell. [link]

Jack Handy and the Martians. [link]

Acoustic Superman Theme.

Plastic Surgeon General's Warning: Smoking can make your nipples fall off. [link]

Chewbacca to appear on Glee. [link]
Does this mean that George Lucas now admits the Star Wars Christmas Special happened?

Dogs get PTSD, too. [link]

Jameco shows off their billiard ball powered computer. [link]

Then they explain a bit about that bladeless Dyson fan. [link]

The story of how the LAPD and media handled the reporting of the break up of the Occupy LA camp. If you don't want to read the whole thing be sure to jump to the update at the bottom of the article. [link]

Do plants feel pain or pleasure? Studies indicate they do. But then studies also indicate tin feels pain. [link]

Life on Earth started as a global organism. [link]

Launch of NASA's latest Mars rover should make golfers envious. [link]

The Russian Martian probe, however, has a doozy of a slice. [link]

Game: Kikka - find the secret way to build the chrysanthemum. [link]

Could Starcraft 2 replace chess as a game to study how the mind works? [link]

The original zombie novel. [link]

The boys from Hanson have a new beer. They're calling it Mmmhop. [link]

1:30 prequel to The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe. [link]

Best. Christmas Decoration. Evar. [link]

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