Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Links: December 16

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois has been on trial for corruption for awhile. He had tried selling Obama's old Senate seat. He was recently sentenced to 14 years. [link]

A toast defibrillator. [link]

Drifting, or Hagawlah, in Saudi Arabia.

Medial marijuana laws reduce traffic fatalities. Possibly by reducing drunk driving. [link]

A wasp smaller than an amoeba. [link]

We've seen flames burn in null gravity before. Recently, a more in depth study of the stuff was done. [link]

Feed a word into this and listen to the music it makes based on the word. [link]

How to build a great paper airplane. [link]

We've been waiting for some time for this, but with this new woolly mammoth discovery some scientists claim to be only 5 years from a successful cloning. [link]

Paypal turns out to be dicks. [link]

Pictures of baby weasels in the wild. [link>]

Mythbusters is a safe show and a welcome addition to any neighborhood: BUSTED! [link]

The LA Times is a photo thief. [link]

What the opposite of helium does to your voice (and other science).

Cooling canals for a nuclear reactor proves to be a good home for endangered crocs. [link]

The Kepler telescope has found 2,326 potential planets in 16 months. One appears to be in the Goldilocks Zone. [link]

Bent wire still lifes. [link]

Crocheted tie fighters. [link]

A collection of photos of low flying aircraft. My favorites were when you see where planes flew too low and took damage but still managed to limp home. [link]

A trailer for a sci-fi movie that is just a concept. With all that's in this trailer the movie would have to be close to 3 hours long.

The alleged Ark of the Covenant is going to be moved. I'll let you look at it first. [link]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reached one billion dollars in sales faster than "Avatar" did. [link]

Picture: Gingerbread Weasley house. [link]

A gift of peace in all good faith. [link]

Richard Thompson, I know you're reading this! We have footage of Dill's brother's in action!

Trailer for "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe."

50 tons of corn stolen from a train in Brazil. [link]

How Elvis Costello got banned from SNL. [link]

Rats will free trapped rats. [link]

How chicken wire is made. [link]

An old Woody Allen stand-up bit about the time he shot a moose. [like]

John Updike's rules for reviewing books. It means I'll have to start taking better notes in the future. [link]

That's what my manger scene needs! A statue of a guy taking a dump! [link]

We recently saw lawyers in Florida using strippers as para-legals to drum up business. In Illinois a law firm pretty much came out and said they want a shapely secretary who puts out. Not for criminals. For the lawyers. She puts the perky in "executive perks". [link]

Louis CK is trying an experiment to see if people will buy the sort of stand up act that cable channels used to run. [link]

The biggest box office bombs. Some are good movies, some deserved to bomb. Yeah, Battlefield Earth, we're looking at you. [link]

Sweet new free program from AutoDesk (makers of AutoCAD). [link]

Really loud TV commercials will soon be a thing of the past. [link]

Mitt Romney's slogan is also a KKK slogan. Yeah, it happens. But why does the press apologize for mentioning that when it'd be headlines from now until the election if Obama said it? [link]

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