Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New barn

To refer to this building as a barn may be a bit generous. We'll work out a proper name for it in time. Until then we'll use the awkward "combine building" name.

The building became necessary when my dad and brother got a combine that was too tall and the header too wide to fit in any of our existing buildings. A plan was hatched to get a new building that would eliminate the old building that houses the wheat trucks and a couple of horse drawn corn wagons and get a new building in it's place that would house everything. But one builder came back with plans for a building that still managed to be too small for the combine. Others came back with prices way too high for Dad's comfort. So, while at the Kansas State Fair, Mom and Dad found someone who sold buildings like you see here. It's a kit that you put together yourself. You and 7 of your closest friends. It has no front or sides, but it fits the combine perfectly. That would be more obvious if the header was attached. 

The windows are highly reflective.


Jason said...

It's a Quonset hut, more or less:

Ibid said...

Yeah, pretty much.