Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Links: 11/11/11

Jennifer Lopez to produce and possibly star in a "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?" live action movie. [link]

From Simon Pegg's Twitter feed: [link]

AOL lives? And somehow has 3.5 million dial-up subscribers. [link]

Creepy film tricks.

Soon those with brown eyes should be able to get laser surgery to get your color changed to blue. [link]

Games: Pursuit of Hat - Rip off your limbs and make them trigger buttons in order that lets you get back to your hat. [link]

Video of a plane making a belly landing. [link]

A brief retelling of the building of the heads on Mt Rushmore. [link]

Pictures of women with drinking problems. [link]

What percent of the population does Congress fall in? [link]

Designed, but not yet sold bee hive for your home. [link]

Strange way for a cat to chase a laser.

Video games: The only art form where you get punished for being bad at it.

CGI is great and popular, but animatronics lives on.

Pictures of a baby reenacting classic movie scenes. [link]

10 food preparation myths. [link]

A bunch of other common misconceptions. [link]

Cat induced kernel panic. [link]

Blah blah blah dialog. I'm more interested in seeing how this guy forms the bamboo. [link]

Interesting cabin designs. [link]

Video: Metachaos - another good title would be "WTF". Or "Some Seriously Freaky Shit". [link]

Video: Explosive Breach of Condit Dam. [link]
note: behind dams there tends to be a lot of sediment settling at the bottom of the resulting lake. Much of what you see is that dirt being washed down stream.

Game: Run, Jesus, Run - you have 10 seconds to complete the game while getting an 8-bit Jesus to do all of the Jesus stuff. [link]

Nifty ring. [link]

The story of an old musical instrument designed to play over the early telephone system. [link]

Nature wants to eat you: pictures and brief descriptions of terrifying creatures. [link]

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