Thursday, November 10, 2011


The cats mentioned a few days ago are back in Yummy's bathroom. Brain has been neutered. Both cats have been flea dipped and their ears cleaned of mites.
When she took them back she was told that the no-kill shelter wouldn't have space for 6-8 weeks. That's been updated. They can be dropped off Monday.

I just got back inside from doing work on Yummy's backyard. I didn't mean it like that, pervert. No, there's these two trees out back that have vines growing on them. One is English Ivy, which we don't mind. The other is unknown, but it drops seeds all over the yard and we have to keep trying to kill them off so they don't throttle the garden or just look really ugly. I took limb nippers and a saw and removed all the vines for a four inch gap all the way around both trunks. I had to remove them all because the trunks of both vines are identical. I can't separate the two so only the disliked vine dies.

Said during video games:
"John Lennon was wrong. Happiness is the gooey remains of some soldier you just dropped a grenade on." - Me

(M [in 1st grade] is playing Quest for Glory 1)
M: I kept running out of money, so I broke into the old lady's house and stole all her jewelry.
Dad: Good girl. Did you get a good price for your loot?
M: No, I think the fence cheated me.

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