Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Links: March 6

Samuel L. Jackson signs on for 9 more movies as Nick Fury. [link]

Back to the Future alternate ending.

Exerpts from the Bunny Suicides books. [link]

There's what you see and what your kids see.

First dog to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. [link]

The danger of powerful magnets. [link]

Religion 101 Quiz. [link]

Electric motorcycle. [link]
I might consider this if my job really moves from DC to Frederick, MD.

A plane trying to land in a cross wind.

Battlestar Swine Trek: The Battlestar Galactica theme done with Muppets. Because everything (on TV) is better with Muppets.

Firefox crop circle. (note: go to the A. I don't know why there's a B, C, and D)

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Dalek found on bottom of pond[link]

Sleepwalking dog

Star Trek colognes released. [link]

A blend of new an old Battlestar Galactica. Be sure to read the end credits. They're the best part. [link]

How to moderate a panel. [link]

Mini- robotic- bulldozers being considered for Moon work. [link]

Brits to explore a lake located under 3km of ice. [link]

Super Soldier suit demonstration for US Army.

And for some reason, Two Angry Camels in a Car.

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