Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday links: March 13

Regulating Genes - a DNA rap

Dilbert creator Scott Adams talks about how he manages his restaurant. [link]

More thoughts on cleaning orbit paths. [link]

National Geographic pictures make computer wallpaper. [link]

Why video game movies suck. [link]
Supplemental: Behind the Scenes with Uwe Boll. [link]

A trailer for a "Stalin vs. Martians" video game. So friggin' weird. [link]

How to destroy the world with nanobots. is worth checking every so often. Those of you far to the north should be getting some nice aurora tonight. [link]

Get a cheap telescope or donate one. [link]

Chimp acts with foresight. [link]
There's a lesson here. Mess with the man and he'll take your balls.

Monkey kills abusive owner with coconut. [link]
There's another lesson here. If the rock is big enough the man can't come for your balls.

Some kid developed Super Mario Brothers for the TI-84 graphic calculator. [downloads link instructions link video link]

Night of the Living Dead Pixels

You're standing in front of a 100 story building with two identical bowling balls. You've been tasked with testing the bowling balls' resilience. The building has a stairwell with a window at each story from which you can (conveniently) drop bowling balls.

To test the bowling balls you need to find the first floor at which they break. It might be the 100th floor or it might be the 50th floor, but if it breaks somewhere in the middle you know it will break at every floor above.

Devise an algorithm which guarantees you'll find the first floor at which one of your bowling balls will break. You're graded on your algorithm's worst-case running time.

iDaft [link]
If you don't get that then you need to see this. [link]

Nissan - Just Stay Out of ItWatch in HD so you can read the disclaimers at the end.

My god. It's full of comics. [link]

Pictures documenting the decay of Detroit. [link]

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