Friday, November 14, 2008

Links Friday: 14 Nov

Phil Plait talks a massive and rather impressive deep space image. Those aren't stars. They're galaxies.

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy.
You can watch an astronomy related video per day starting in January or contribute a video now.

The original ending to Little Shop of Horrors

Atari Joystick candle

Make your own Gummy Legos

Trailer for the video game Snoopy: Flying Ace

The stick introduced to the Toy Hall of Fame

Hardest Game ever.

NASA engaging in antique data recovery.

And finally we say goodbye to the Phoenix Martian polar lander whose signal was recently lost and has been declared dead.
This was the lander that saw it snowing in the upper atmosphere, took pictures of dust devils, and dug up ice out of the soil to establish the existence of water on Mars beyond any shadow out a doubt. It's life expectancy was 90 days and it lasted twice that.


GreenCanary said...

Dude. That game was terribly hard, though I did make it 6.5 meters. On my knees. And going very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeery slowly.

Mike Rhode said...

Cool moon dust data article. Those 'archiving problems' suck.