Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Election Etc.
There is, quite literally, partying in the streets.
At 11:00 I heard a car zipping by with people cheering. It's now pushing midnight and I can hear the honking and cheering all up and down U st 3 blocks away and Georgia Ave. 2 blocks away.

Kinda surprising that Obama only got 92% in DC. I thought he'd get at least 95%

Walking around today everyone looked so happy. The cashiers in the stores, the receptionists in offices, the people on the sidewalk, the sandwich artists at Subway, the people in the office and in neighboring offices... everyone was happy. After 2 years the election is over and we all already knew the Anti-Bush was gonna win. It was a good day.

ABC's online video stream was pretty great. Clean picture, good resolution, good frame rate. Well done ABC.
I can't speak to anyone else's stream.

There was one angry teen wearing a McCain sticker. Tough luck, kid. America is gonna try being the good guys again.

Space Etc
Wednesday, Nov. 5 (probably tonight) is part 1 of the Taurid meteor shower. Alas, rain is possible and clouds are likely. Maybe those of you outside DC can see it.
If you can't see part 1 you can try for part 2 on Nov. 12. Alas, even if it's clear the moon should be nearly full.

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