Thursday, November 06, 2008

Are sci-fi movies killing interest in the space program?

Not long ago astronaut and moon walker Buzz Aldrin said that fantastic science fiction movies and TV shows are to blame for the general lack of interest in the space program. The general idea was that people see giant alien space craft, warp drive, transporters, etc. etc. so the International Space Station, droids creeping around on Mars, satellites buzzing Saturn and Venus seem pretty lame and boring in comparison so people lose interest. Kids study computers and business instead of engineering because real space programs seem like rubbish compared to TV and movies.

Many prominent science fiction authors were asked their thoughts on the topic.

That's what they think. What do you think.


GreenCanary said...

Scalzi's comment cracked me up. As does his love of adhering kittens to walls via static electricity.

I think science fiction excites the mind to the wonders of what can be. It fosters interest, not squelches it.

Malaise Inc said...

Oh, he is just POed because Captain Kirk changed the world more than he did.

Sweetly Single said...

I think the lack of interest in the space program might be the billions that would be better spent helping the population.

Ibid said...

The money for the space program is totally worth it if only for the spin-off technologies.
Solar panels were invented for the space program but have been spun off into a million other uses. Weather predicting is still erratic, especially close to the Rockies, but we get warnings about the big stuff and can predict reasonably well for 2-3 days here on the east coast.
I'd invest more in the space program and cut the military budget to only 1/2 or even 3/4 of everyone else in the world put together instead of more than everyone else combined.