Monday, November 03, 2008

Continuing to dodge TV

So far I have successfully managed to avoid watching broadcast television this season. But I'd like to be able to watch the election results roll in Tuesday night. Luckily, the networks have this covered as well.

Most sites will be updating their sites constantly. A few will put up another video every half hour. This will not do.

Liz Gannes at says:
On Election Day, ABC News will offer livestreams of its own newscast, the scene at both the McCain and Obama campaigns’ headquarters, and a stream of roving reporters in battleground states. It will also offer a live results map, searchable exit polling data, liveblogging and results via SMS. CBS News will be offering county-by-county results updated every minute, liveblogging, as well as a simulcast of its TV coverage, starting at 6:30 p.m. EDT. Around 2 a.m. EDT, Katie Couric will host a live webcast on and to address participants’ questions.

full text at

I'd like to already have the links ready but we'll all have to settle for being pointed at the overall website.

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