Friday, October 10, 2008

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy

It's been a month now so I think I can safely admit to having a girlfriend.

I didn't want to say anything before because I didn't want to jinx it or whatever. I date so rarely that I was afraid of saying "I met this wonderful woman!" only to have to come back two days later with "Wait, strike that, she's the kind of girl who looks for reasons to be mad" or something like that.

Don't get me wrong. She has her own neuroses. So do I. But they're not the "don't make eye contact, don't show your teeth, just back out of the room slowly so she doesn't eat you" variety.

We met online. I'd recently started checking out a new blog. In the comments section there was someone talking about how much she loves olives when she used to hate them. But there was this tiny little picture of her next to her post. I thought she was cute when only an inch tall and clicked it to see if she had a profile and a blog of her own. She does. I posted a comment and read back a few days. That afternoon I sent her an e-mail and asked her out. That was one month ago today.

I can't tell you where her site is or what name she uses. See, she doesn't let her family know where it is and we can't have them following her home from this site once they learn where it is. So for future reference I'm calling her "Yummy". I had some other names that I liked more but they were a bit dark for girlfriend.

Of course, a couple of my readers know exactly who I'm talking about anyway. They've traced me back from her site. Hello!

Not the most romantic and gushing post, I know. But the fact that I'm even admitting that I have a girlfriend is a big step for me. Tune in next week to hear about the horrible car crash that is sure to occur this weekend.


lacochran's evil twin said...

Congratulations to you and um, Mystery Woman. :) I'm happy for you both.

Ibid said...

We're still pretty nauseating right now. We've been confining ourselves to my house until we're not quite as sickening.
Yeah, that's why we're staying in. For the good of others. That's it.

GreenCanary said...

Who is this wonderful woman of whom you speak? She sounds swell :-)

Kate said...

You sent her an e-mail THAT VERY DAY? You're amazing! Men actually DO that?! Okay, you've got my thumbs up, but I'm watching you, mister.

Ibid said...

Does it help that I was absolutely terrified? The first thing I wrote to her was
I don't like you anymore. You're all pretty and funny and interesting.
I hate that in a woman. It gets me all smitten. I start throwing extra
"all"s into sentences.