Monday, October 06, 2008

Movie Review: Igor

So I've stopped watching broadcast television in favor of the interne, there hasn't been a good movie come out in months, and the people who bought the Washington City Paper a year ago can't even pull off something as simple as movie listings (which is why they're now filing for bankruptcy). All this leads to me having little to no idea what's coming out or when.

I've built up a listing of local theaters that I can bring up in a snap. I try to check it once a week. This week a whole ton of new stuff popped up. Not necessarily good stuff, but some of it looked interesting.

"Ghost Story" - A comedy about a man who dies briefly and can now see dead people who want him to do them a favor. Gawds, how many times have we seen that one? NEXT!

"Blindness" - In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king - the movie. A plague of blindness sweeps the planet. The blind are quarantined. The wife of one of the blind goes in with them and tries to help as life goes all Lord of the Flies on them. Semi-interesting description with a more convincing trailer.
Tried to see it but some punk kid pulled the fire alarm and we all had to leave.

"Igor" - In a town of mad scientists there's an annual competition to see whose science is the maddest. The town blackmails the world with the threat of unleashing the winner.
Each mad scientist has an Igor. When one mad scientist dies his Igor tries to enter in his place with the hopes of getting Igors the respect they deserve. He creates life but it's sweet and not at all evil.
Igor must deal with the Mayor, the lead evil scientist who wants to steal his invention, a sweet evil monster, and two cronies he built before, one of which is immortal and indestructible but suicidal.

It wasn't bad. The story was good if predictable. Glad I saw it. Won't get it on DVD.

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Treasures By Brenda said...

Glad to hear a somewhat warm review about Igor. It received a lot of bad reviews before it was released to the public and then more of a mixture from the public. I am hoping that it will be at least a somewhat fun movie for older kids who love Halloween. I created a page about the movie at Igor Comes To Life Just In Time For Your Family's Halloween Fun if you would be interested in stopping by and leaving your opinion.