Friday, October 24, 2008

War on Christmas: The video game

We've officially entered War-on-Christmas season. It seems like it starts earlier and earlier every year. Or maybe that's just because it's an election year and someone thinks that people who believe that crap haven't made up their mind yet.

I think a good "War on Christmas" video game would be fun. There's a couple of ways you could take it.

"Immortal Combat" - Two supreme beings enter. One being leaves supreme. It's a standard fighting game. "Oh!Din! Za-ra-thoooo-stra! FITE!"

"The Thief Who Stole Christmas" - I'd make this the long hoped for "Thief 4". A creepy first person perspective game where you play a thief. Instead of killing everything that moves you slink through the shadows and across rooftops stealing whatever you can.
The Hammerites have fallen before the Christian onslaught. But these newcomers have even less idea how to deal with people like me than the Hammerites did.
Start by slipping in to a few homes and making off with their gifts and gold. Listen in on a few Salvation Army missionaries and work your way up to the battle with Santa himself.

"Lorecraft" - The world is a dark place where terrorist activities have escalated to all out religious war between Christian leaning and Muslim leaning countries. Armed only with your time machine and advanced strategic training you move backwards through history advising generals and leading armies in earlier and earlier religious battles.

When I started this I had several others that I can't recall now.

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Sweetly Single said...

You could also create one where you have to go around and blow up all the toy warehouses.