Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book review: Cemetery World

The other book I just finished is "Cemetery World" by Clifford Simak.

It wasn't bad. But I'm not raving over it. The author created a new universe and took us out to explore it. But somehow I just wasn't loving it.

It's the distant future. Most everyone left Earth due to a great war. Just as it was fading into mythology one company moved in and turned the planet into a giant cemetery. It brought Earth back into the public awareness. If you have enough money you can have yourself shipped back and be buried on the home world.

The story begins with a poet and artist type going there with his art machine and a robot that was originally constructed there. They're there to experience Earth and make poetry and songs and art about their experience.

A lady friend of an old professor sends her to meet our hero to ask him to go looking for some treasure they think was left by an archaeologist species that was studying humans. He's reluctant but he takes her along.

But they won't guarantee they'll tow the corporate line and the cemetery corporation tries to have them killed. They run around and meet shades (ghosts), a strange creature named the Census Taker, a few surviving war machines, friendly locals, hostile locals, and robot wolves.

If you're looking for something short and easy to read this will do. I wish I could say more about it.

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