Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Like most everyone, I liked the first movie. The second movie not so much.
I dunno why. I liked the use of pirate mythology, however corrupted it might be. But having to stray out of the simple world of pirates, treasure, curses, and Her Majesty's Royal Navy and into a more complex world of sea monsters and East India Trading Company may have been part of it. Making the world more complex certainly didn't work for The Matrix or Star Wars.
I'm thinking it was because they made the classic mistake of making a sequel based on the popularity of the first and not because they have a good idea. First movie was a great idea well done. Second movie was for money. Jack's madness was forced both in writing and performance.
The third movie is better than the second but you really need to have seen the second (and first) to get the third. Jack's madness is helped because we get to see some of the things driving him mad.

I'll probably get the third one on DVD and get the second to fill the gap.

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