Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Movie Review: The Invisible

"The Invisible" was an OK movie, but I wish I hadn't spent my money on it. See, I knew what was going to happen but I got the impression that I might be wrong. Oddly enough, the scene in the trailer that told me what happens was cut from the movie completely. The weird old man who was supposed to spell everything out doesn't show up at all.

We have a kid graduating from high school. His mom has spelled out his whole life for him but he wants to go to London to become a writer.
We have a girl from the same school who comes from a bad family and fences stolen goods at school. She gets ambitious and steals some diamonds. She pissed off her boyfriend by showing some spine so he turns her in. The first kid's best friend sees the girl put the bag with the diamonds in her locker so she thinks he ratted her out. She and some thugs beat on the best friend until the best friend says the first kid ratted her out because he thought the first kid was already on the plane to London.
The girl and her thugs beat on the first kid and they think they accidently kill him. They dump the body in a storm pipe and take off.
First kid goes back to school the next day and soon realizes that nobody can see or hear him. He's not dead, he's just a spirit until his body dies. He has to get someone to find the body before it dies for good.

It looks like the book may have been pretty good. The movie appears to be trying to convey the doubt and anxiety that comes with leaving high school, the feelings of neglect from his mother who is so busy planning that she never deals with what her son wants, and a variety of other issues. Walking through everyone's life now that he's "dead" helps him understand them better.
This could have become another "It's a Wonderful Life" if told differently. The original book has been made into a movie in Sweden and here so there must be something to the book if you can find an english translation.

If you like reading a lot into a movie then go see this. Otherwise don't bother.

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