Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Movie Review: Fracture

In "Fracture" Anthony Hopkins plays his Hannibal Lecter role but in a character named Ted Crawford. Both characters are brilliant minds who keep the cops and lawyers totally baffled.

Ted's wife is having an affair with a hostage negotiator named Rob. Ted decides to ruin Rob. Ted shoots his own wife, waits for the cops, confesses to everything, represents himself in court, and walks away free because of how he organized everything. Everyone knows he did it and that he's laughing at them, but because all mounds of evidence is worthless it ruins Rob and the DA assigned to the case.

I liked this movie but I won't get it on DVD.

Check the comments for spoilers about how Ted foils the cops.

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Ibid said...

Ted goes to Rob's place and swaps Rob's gun with an identical gun that's never been fired.
Ted shoots his wife in the head (with Rob's gun) putting her in a coma. He drags her body under a large picture of her. He fires three more rounds out the window to make sure the neighbors call the cops. He wipes down all the bullet casings so there's no fingerprints.
Rob shows up, they both put down their guns so they can talk, Ted confesses to everything. Rob sees the body under the picture of the wife and starts trying to revive her. Ted swaps the guns. Rob attacks Ted. Ted is arrested, taken to the station, signs a confession with Rob in the room. Rob walks out with the murder weapon in his holster.
During the trial Ted points out that Rob was having an affair with his wife and that Rob attacked Ted. And since Rob was there when the confession was signed both the verbal and written confession are worthless. Then they find that the gun in the house has never been fired.
The case is eventually thrown out, Ted unplugs his wife and they do an autopsy. The DA finally figures out the gun swap trick. Now that they have the bullet out of the wife's skull they can win the case.
They can prosecute without Double Jeopardy because before it was attempted homicide, but now that the wife is dead it's full blown murder.