Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Links: April 17

Options for opting out. You can opt out of getting phone books! [link]

The concrete in Hoover Dam is still curing. [link]

A baboon that worked at as railroad signalman. [link]

AT&T asks why a town would want 1Gbps internet when they already provide perfectly good 6Mbps. [link]
AT&T isn't very bright.

America gives up on abstinence programs in Africa. [link]

Man becomes a Chinese celebrity by having his phone stolen. [link]

Dancing droplets. I don't understand, but I like it.

There's now a "dot sucks" domain. It may be just a way to extort money from companies. [link]

Free Range Parenting - same parents as before, second time the kids were taken. [link]

Veterinary services for the pets of homeless people. [link]

Yea and nay have actual meaning separate from yes and no. [link]

What happens to your phone if Apple or Google goes out of business? And what if your phone is what makes your arm work? [link]

I heard about the ISSpresso machine on the radio. I accurately guessed what it looks like. [link]

Loch Ness soup ladle. [link]

Blackwater guards sentenced for killing of unarmed Iraqi citizens. [link]

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