Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Links: May 30

The invention of tie dye caught on film. [link]
A bit different than I was taught to do it.

MSNBC reporter refuses to read Paris Hilton news.

Google Maps maps forbidden parts of a deserted island. [link]

An old plan to flood Africa. [link]

Australia burns from space. [link]

Blood is a passable substitute for eggs. [link]

The bench that isn't anything but a bench. [link]

Why the walls in Wolfenstein 3D were blue. [link]

How the Jedi got it's name. [link]

Cartooning over reality.

Ladies. Want a happy relationship? Then chill the fuck out. The faster you calm down the happier everyone is. [link]

A balance debate on global climate change. 97 to 3.

A tornado going through a North Dakota oil camp.

Jim Henson's Creature Workshop is not involved with Star Wars 7. But that doesn't mean their people aren't involved. Here's a history of the relationship between Star Wars and Jim Henson. [link]

The original Star Wars will be the first movie every translated into Navajo. [link]

Director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim, Spaced, etc.) is no longer attached to the 2015 Ant-Man movie. [link]
This is troublesome since his involvement was the one thing that made Ant-Man seem like is had a chance at being good.

Watson, the Jeopardy playing computer, has developed a BBQ sauce. [link]

Short on lethal injection drugs, Wyoming considers re-legalizing firing squads. [link]

Take a world war, add 95 years, have another look at the landscape. [link]

Forgotten Apple prototypes. [link]

Drone survival guide. [link]

A 9 minute film about the study of fire. [link]

An old spacecraft to be reactivated for a new mission. [link]

How to write on the Moon. [link]

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lacochran's evil twin said...

That's not tye dye. That's marbling. Like in end papers. It's a very fun process and easy to get into as the supplies are cheap and available online and the variations are endless.