Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Links: May 2

Emperor Hirohito was actually a pretty good marine biologist. [link]

Russia's nukes are powering the US. [link]

Magic for dogs.

Spiderman and tiny mirror image.

The photographer and the leopard seal. [link]

Sabertooth squirrel found. [link]

A frog in a bucket of milk was a primitive form of pasteurization. [link]

What British villain are you? [link]

A fan series about Harry Potter's son that was okayed by J.K. Rowling. [link]

A castle being built using techniques used in 1229. [link]

Boris Yeltzin's already weakened faith in Communism was crushed by visiting an American supermarket. [link]

Boston's "lost" concert hall. [link]

"Vegitative" patient communicates via fMRI machine. [link]

Author's son got a bad grade when his class covered his father's book. The teacher disagreed with the author's interpretation of the novel. [link]

From time to time I look at missile silos and think of buying one. This guy did and shows how he fixed it up. [link]
If only they weren't so far from civilization.

For Batman's 75th anniversary we get a bit more Batman Beyond.

75 years of Superman in 2 minutes.

Saturn may be getting another moon. [link]

A map of where to go to be alone in America. [link]

There's such a thing as hamster sized deer. [link]

It's better for the fetus if you swallow. You love our future baby, don't you? [link]

How to drink without getting drunk. [link]

Have a dose of strange. [link]

A better way to board planes. [link]

Google cars take to city streets. [link]
I thought they had already, but...

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