Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Links: May 23

Game: Argument Champion - pick a word and try to link other words to it to win your argument. [link]

Bees' can make nests with plastic. [link]

Buddha is in the Bible... sorta. [link]

The best seats on a Boeing 777-300. [link]

The littlest yo-yo master.

What we actually know about the guy who accidentally lanced his own frontal lobe. [link]

Teller's magical version of The Tempest. [link]

Dean Kamen's new prosthetic arm is OKed for market. [link]
I saw his prototype demonstrated years ago. Small and light enough for a 5' female but can be scaled up for a 7' muscular guy. 

A running robot.

How to explain programming to normal folk? Like this. [link]

Extended trailer for the new "The Flash" TV series.

Watch for the Ferris Air truck at the airport. Ferris Air is where Hal Jordan worked before becoming Green Lantern.

Are animals who can recognize themselves in mirrors more self aware? [link]

Why are Apple chargers so much more expensive than counterfits? [link]

High doses of modified measles virus can combat some cancers. [link]

This lawn "mooer" would fill my whole yard.

Maryland was only able to decriminalize pot, not legalize it. Here's how legalization has been working out in Denver. [link]

World's largest track layer. Jump to about 2:20.

NSA is recording almost every phone call in the Bahamas. [link]

Trying to reproduce the cancer sniffing abilities of dogs. [link]

In the Third Age of Man I was a legend. In the Fourth Age of Man no one seems to care.

A tank modified to put out oil well fires. [link]

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