Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Links: January 31

Time lapse video of a cruise ship being expanded. [link]

If you haven't seen it on one of the dozens of other sites that showed it... rocking tauntauns. [link]

A petition to get rid of the NFL tax exemption. [link]

I'd hang this poster in my house. [link]

Ship of rats nearing England. [link]

Contempt of cop. [link]

Hacking OKCupid or Online Dating Like a Mathematician. [link]

The creator of Candy Crush is a dick. [link]

The argument for naps. [link]

Or, you can think you got better sleep. [link]

Supermarket tips and tricks. link

The complete list the previous list was pulled from. [link]

Monsanto tries it's hand at organic engineering. [link]

This is posted just for Yummy. [link]

Most and least godless cities. [link]

The war over Christians and whether or not to have beards. [link]

Decline of the bookworm. [link]

Class mobility map. [link]

Lessons learned from bar fight litigation. [link]

Technology isn't driving people apart. [link]

Stories about these "camps" parents send their kids to fascinate me. [link]

Video of memories being formed. [link]

Counterfit extra virgin olive oil. [link]

A sampling of Google's robotics purchases. [link]

Antarctica's more temperate history. [link]

America's first cat cafe. [link]

Medieval doodles. [link]

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