Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Links: January 10

Cardiac muscle tissue grown from a patient's own cells. [link]

A brief history of Christmas Cards. [link]

The Cheshire Cat predates Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. [link]

Gates McFadden plays with herself... er, her action figure. [link]

A unique breed of mosquito has evolved in the London Underground. [link]

What's in a candle flame?

Mormon bishop disguises himself as a homeless man to test his congregation. [link]
Old news, I know, but I'm closing tabs. 

Satanists pushing to get a monument outside the Oklahoma statehouse. [link]

The better you know your numbers when you start school the better at math you'll be in high school. [link]

Full size R2-D2 cake. [link]

Dolly Parton is giving away books. [link]

Wedding rice doesn't hurt birds after all. [link]

More support for the idea that the universe is a hologram. And it may exist on the event horizon of a black hole in another universe. [link]

The universe may collapse some day. It may be doing so now. [link]

Make poor children work for their free lunches. [link]

Isaac Asimov's predictions for 2014 were more wrong than right. [link]

Harsh review for Airport Simulator 2014. [link]

Pics from a time travel store. [link]

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