Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Links: January 17

Game: Ernesto - a quick dungeon crawl. [link]

British bank gets slap on wrist for laundering drug money. [link]

What it was like growing up unvaccinated. [link]

A plan to build a wall of trees across the Sahara. [link]

Tank slippers. [link]

Homemade flying TARDIS.

Star Trek trailer using the blooper reel.

Hard core cat furniture. [link]

Lake Michigan has balls of ice. [link]

Harold the Ghoul miniature from the Fallout games. [link]

Companies cut calories from their food. [link]
Shouldn't they be marked "lite" or something? Let people who want fewer calories pick them? Not everyone wants less calories.

When it comes to marijuana, we need better educated journalists. [link]

Old ads that would piss modern women off. [link]

Little girl meets her fathers twin for the first time. [link]

Using rap videos to investigate local gang activity. [link]

Fractal teddy bear. [link]

When is painting copying not painting copying? [link]
I call bullshit.

Americans are more likely to own a VCR than a video game console. [link]

You've heard of plans to grow racks of beef without a cow. How about growing whole chickens with no brain? [link]

Match the "apology" to the scandal. [link]

This White House video explains the recent polar vortex and it's relationship to global climate change.

Vin Diesel got paid for his cameo in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift with the rights to the Riddick franchise. [link]

Game: Bunny Charm - gun down all the fingers and hands trying to touch you. Level up by holding the flags for awhile. [link]
I may have posted this game before. I know I've played it before. 

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