Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Links: June 3

Hey! Look what failed to post when I told it to!

A friend of mine works with this blogger. He (the friend) volunteers at this old movie theater once a week. [link]

Interesting pixelated art. [link]

Video classes. [link]

The old Genesis music video Land of Confusion with puppet work from the people who used to make Spitting Image.

When an ink truck crashes. [link]

In a case that is hopefully destined for the legal trash heap, some geologists are being used for failing to predict an earthquake. [link]

Portal soundtrack available for free download. [link]

Not an Exorcist remake.

Finalists in the illusion of the year contest. [link]


It's Disney. So far they haven't managed to not screw up Muppets. But wait! Disney turned all their animation over to the Pixar people. They've done damn good so far. Lets have a look. Executive Producer Martin Baker, David Furnish, Jason Segel... no John Lasseter, no sign of any Henson. I don't have high hopes.

14 facts about the Addams Family. [link]
While you're at it, have a look on IMDB at Lurch's other roles. [link]

Recent Dr Who episodes have had some accents that have been kind of hard to understand, especially at the speed they were talking. According to Peter Sellers it would be a northern accent that's giving us issues.

Science sorts figure out how to turn human skin cells into human neurons. [link]

Functioning armored glove for the goddamn Batman. [link]

Nazgul origami. [link]

Sweet ride built using knowledge gained from Google Books. [link]

Game: Ninja Painter - bounce the ninja around the house to paint all the walls. [link]

The only known "official" Star Wars/Indiana Jones crossover. [link]
Relax, it's short.

Make your old Magic: The Gathering cards 3D. [link]

Last footage of Laurel & Hardy.

A kid and an otter. Who is leading who?

Governor of Kansas completely kills state funding for the arts. All of it. [link]

Letters exchanged by Ian Flemming and the firearms expert that convinced him to have James Bond use a Walther PPK. [link]

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