Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Links: June 10

Cassini: still clicking away. [link]

Colorful pictures of Icelandic volcanoes when not actually blowing up. [link]

My kinds of paintings. [link]

Another kid calls out Michelle Bachman. [link]

Police break into a home, kill a guy, make up lies, when they're called on it they have a very bad cover up. [link]

9,000 TV channel logos. [link]

A glossary of symbols. [link]

David Mitchell going on about the use of LOL.

Full size Daleks using BBC moulds and specs available now on sale. [link]

Cartoonist talks about the house he grew up in and it's bloody, bloody roof. [link]

The Doctor Who anime I mentioned a couple of times in the past is finished. Alas, it's only 15 minutes long and seems to lack a coherent story.

A tornado stops for a drink.

Cameras stuck on things.

Mario Brothers sheet music. [link]

It's not hard to change the messages on an HP Printer. I once changed the "OK Ready" message to "Low on vowels. Replace cartridge." Here's some others. [link]
Here's one person explaining how to do it. [link]

7 year old accidentally a famous artist. [link]

A movie theater tossed someone out for texting during a movie. She called and left a message on voice mail. They made it into a PSA announcement. [link]

Butter: the lost food group. [link]

A map of all newspapers in the world and their languages. [link]

BMX bike rider does the first triple backflip. [link]

Heads on money redrawn into popular culture figures. [link]
Andrew Jackson as Ronald McDonald is kinda scary.
More. [link]

A lot of pictures from Cassini pieced together in an odd sort of film. [link]

In tribute of some stupid stuff Sarah Palin said recently about Paul Revere there's this poem. "Paul Revere's Ride" by Longfellow and Palin. [link]

Name that cameo. [link]
I may have posted this before, but there's new stuff.

This guy waved at his kid's bus every morning for the whole school year. Each day in a different costume. [link]

How classic animation is done and one of Disney's contributions to animation technology.

Futurama ends this way, but to get their 3D effect they make the 3D model and then trace it.

Neverending shampoo.

They thought they cured him of his gayness when he was just a little kid. They claimed he grew up normal. But he attempted suicide at 17 and succeeded at 38. And the guy who built his career claiming to be able to cure gays was found with a male escort. [link]

Doggelganger: a program that matches people with dogs that look like them. [link]

Spider-'Nam: Peter Parker in Vietnam. [link]

I remember this bank robbery happening. Never knew they caught the guy. [link]

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