Thursday, June 09, 2011

Babblings of a birdie

Just a collection of things Gandolf has said over the last year or so. I sent them to Yummy so you're seeing texts and bits of e-mails.

Gandolf just said "I'm bored". But, it was part of her string of babble so she's probably not bored.
a bit later: "Don't. Eat. The bird."

I'm watching a season 4 episode of "Bones".
In this episode there's a car dealer suspected of killing this guy whose bones are turning to green ooze. Booth takes a test drive in an expensive hot rod with the suspect and start driving fast and crazy to freak the guy out. The guy keeps yelling "WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT...."
After doing that a few times Gandolf started yelling "WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT...."
Ollie was yelling "WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE..."

Watching Quantum Leap:
We're watching this 50's episode where some guy is trying to ban rock and roll. After he leaves the room Gandolf says "what an asshole". I said "you did not learn that from me" and she laughed.

While Ollie was still living with me we got him a little friend named Ernie. The conures were instantly the best of buds but seemed to be like mischievous little elves. This is my report about the goings on in the house.
The elves have found themselves on the side of Gandolf's cage.
They seem to be discussing what to do next.
They decided to climb 3 rungs and reassess.
So far Gandolf doesn't seem to have noticed. She's still chatting up a storm.
Conures back down and retreat to the pet food bin.
They're back up. They pushed their luck too far. Gandolf got off her swing to knock Conures off her cage.
Yummy: And the Birdie Battle ensues!
me: This is odd. Gandolf climbed down the outside of the cage to get at the conures on the food bin. Ollie ran between Gandolf and Ernie.
He's a tiny little hero.
Yummy: He's a tiny little hero!
That is so cute!!
They're bad AND good!
me: It's happening again.
Ollie got between them, fluffed up, became tall, and knocked his beak on the plastic lid. Gandolf laughed when Ollie knocked.
Yummy: Gandolf LAUGHED?
me: yeah
Yummy: As in, "You fluff up against ME, mini bird? MEEEEEEE?!"
me: Sort of "that's so cute. You knock at ME!?"
Yummy: Those birdies.
me: Gandolf is back on her swing. Conures are on the side and back of the cage.
I looked at Gandolf. She looked back and sighed.
Poor Gandolf. So many little elves to ruin her day.

Gandolf had a conversation with herself.
  Hey! Stop it!

Gandolf: I wouldn't eat that.

We're watching the Quantum Leap episode where Sam got electric shock and developed multiple personality disorder. Near the end of the episode Sam is yelling "Don't shock Jimmy" over and over. Each time Gandolf follows with "DON'T!"

Gandolf seems to be giving a lecture about baby food.
She claims that it's "bad news".

I put my phone in my bag and pulled out the Kindle to check the charge. Gandolf said "It got bigger." I assume she thought it was the phone

Gandolf out the window: "Hey, little bird. I see you o'er there."

We're listening to Howard Stern interviewing Bill Murray.
Murray says something to the effect of "I see Chevy about once a year. It's been awhile. I've been busy."
Gandolf says "What'cha doin'?

While watching "20 Million Miles to Earth" Gandolf keeps chuckling at the monster fighting people.
At least she does when the monster is winning.
She mutters and grumbles when it's losing.

I'm streaming some Superman vs Captain Marvel movie.
Clark Kent and Billy Batson are eating breakfast in a restaurant when Black Adam comes in and is getting ready to kill the kid. Clark tells Adam to leave the kid alone. Black Adam knocks him through a wall and across the street. He gets up, knocking away the bricks, takes off his
glasses and opens the shirt. Gandolf says "Soo'ermaan."
Gandolf may not know Clark Kent, but she knows her super heroes.

In the next episode (of Quantum Leap) Sam jumped into the body of a space chimp. Gandolf laughed herself silly.

Gandolf and I are watching Quantum Leap again. It's a rough episode. The person Sam jumped into got raped. But nobody in town wants to believe Sam when he says the girl he jumped in to was raped. Gandolf is scolding the people who don't believe him.

Gandolf: "Are you alright?"
Me: I'm alright. Are you alright?
Gandolf: Yeah. I got a pizza.

me: Gandolf is muttering about cookies.
Yummy: Hey! So am I!

We're watching the Japanese version of "One Missed Call". They get a phone call from their own mobile phone. When they get the message from voice mail it's what turns out to be what will be their own last words.  Gandolf picked up on it quick. The first person was saying what they heard on her phone. Gandolf said "heh. Look out."

Gandolf has learned a new response. Ollie screeches and Gandolf goes "What!?"
(she's also started with "STOP IT!")

Gandolf is threatening me. But she's very bad at it. She just says "threats. Threats. Threats."

me: Gandolf rang her bell and declared there's a fire.
Yummy: She said fire?
me: yep. Ring, ring, ring, "[mutter] fire"

Gandolf looking out the window: It's a happy birdie!
Me: No, that's a butterfly.
After a long pause. Gandolf: "[mutter] birdie?"

Gandolf: That's a word. (pause) Words are hard.

While watching "Paycheck" Ben Affleck got a motorcycle and tore out into traffic. Horns started blaring. Gandolf yelled "hurry up!"

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This stuff is funny. My co-worker's trying to figure out why I'm laughing at my desk.