Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Oregon wedding

A few weeks back a second cousin got married. Second cousin means we had some great grandparents in common.

The wedding was on the farm near Portland that the bride grew up on. I was there once before. Before high school I think. I've talked about the place many times since and was happy to go back and show Yummy I wasn't kidding about this place. These pictures are all on their farm.

This is where the ceremony took place.

The bride

The field. Clearly, I'm using the word "farm" differently here than when I talk about Kansas.

We simply had to take a walk out there. It was really pretty dark, but the camera "fixed" that.

From here you can see that they're hazelnut trees.

The view from the front of the house. Those are mountains way back there. On a clear day you can see Mt St Helens.

Yummy communes with the horsies.

Back behind the house.

Down the driveway is a duck pond. Lucky ducks.

Oh, right. The wedding.

The groom and friends were the band. The father of the bride sat in a few times, too. This is neither of them.

This picture was much creepier before the camera lightened the scene.

Their apples get huge. This was just the apples in the yard.

There were blackberries on the far side of the hazelnut orchard. Those pictures I'll be posting as computer wallpaper soon.

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