Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Links: September 10

First, happy second anniversary, Yummy. We've been dating for two years.

Belize villagers destroy a crocodile sanctuary after a psychic claims that two missing children were eaten by crocodiles. [link]

Tea party leaders joke about killing gays and hanging them up as a display. [link]

DragonCon costumes. [link]

Memo about the early favorites for Star Trek: TNG casting. [link]

Dueling sitars

Scene from the 2010 Doctor Who Proms. Apparently the Brits use a different definition of "prom" than we do. Care to tell me what that definition is?

Image and explanation: Laser firing from a telescope at the Milky Way. [link]

Image and explanation: spiral star. [link]

Quiz: What is your life GPA? [link]

Lost technologies. [link]

Security footage from a cruise ship hitting huge waves. [link]

Google Scribe. Start typing something. Anything. After a little bit just start accepting the suggested next word. It almost makes me want to go to their shows and they are nothing but another form of therapy for these patients is not known whether these are the only ones who can not afford to pay for their own users... [link]

NSFW toy. [link]

Brits have a new world's hottest chili pepper. I'm posting it to show the Scoville Scale. [link]

An article about running with the motorcycle group that blocks the Phelps clan at military funerals. [link]

Image: How Batman sings his theme song. [link]

A Duel in the Somme: a comic book based on a story by Ben Bova and illustrated by Bill Holbrook. [link]

I recently got Yummy hooked on the Girl Genius books. The creators just won their second Hugo award for these books. You can read the whole series here. [link]

Love this chair. [link]

Astronomer talks about seeing UFOs. [link]

Ad for Lockheed Martin's new airships.

You Doctor Who fan service of the week.

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