Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Links: Sept 3

I said we should have self-driving cars in 10 years. VW says 18. [link]

Penn and Teller on vaccination.

Asteroid discoveries from 1980-2010.
More about the film. [link]

A breed of Australian lizards living in a specific area have taken to live birth instead of egg laying. [link]

There's another Fantastic Four movie coming out. They're rebooting the series after people used the second movie to scrape the first movie off their shoes. Bruce Willis is to play the voice of The Thing. [link]

Person who doesn't read comics speaks out against them. [link]
Best quote on the subject "I can tell which kids read comic books; not only can they spell 'invulnerable,' they can tell you what it means."

Another fire tornado.

How to tell if a CEO is lying. [link]

Image: Moon at perigee and apogee. [link]

Antique artificial arm. [link]

Doctor Who number 7 will not be playing Bilbo Baggins, but will be playing a wizard named Radagast in "The Hobbit". [link]

Video game ratings board forced to reveal that "Fallout: New Vegas" contains suggested sexual activity. [link]

TARDIS at MIT. [link]
Note: 6.01 is a programming course.

Minas Tirith built from Matchsticks. [link]

People adapt neighbor's house for their library. [link]

An animated review of the versions of "Origin of Species". [link]

Game: Robot Wants Fishy [link]

From the creator of the "awesome" face". [link]

From the author of the classified ad about the guy with the time machine. [link]

Batman etc.
Comics to have multiple Batmen starting in November. [link]
This was predicted by this cartoon. [link]
Batman is a unit of mass. [link]
It's also a city in Turkey. [link]

Gandolf rocked out to this.

Oh my God... we finally really did it. You maniacs! Oh, damn you! Goddamn you all to hell! [link]

"I'll get the ice creams".

Coming soon to BBC 4 - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. [link]

Antique prosthetic arm. [link]

An honest comparison of Glenn Beck to Martin Luther King Jr. [link]

Scary post-it notes. [link]

NASA's Flicker site. [link]

Subway map of science. [link]

New oil skimmer proposal.

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