Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keep looking up

Kids today may call me a liar, but once upon a time there were cartoons shown on TV after school. As soon as the cartoons were over I could switch over to PBS and watch Doctor Who and some other shows. Since PBS didn't show commercials they had to fill time between the end of a show and the start of the next show at the socially acceptable times at the beginning or halfway through the hour. To fill that time they'd sometimes show this short astronomy show called Star Hustler with a theme that annoyed the crap out of me for some reason. This show starred Jack Horkheimer. The program was distributed for free to 200 stations nationwide as well as the Armed Forces Network.

I mention this because Jack recently passed away. He died of respiratory problems at the age of 72. He'd been working at the Miami Planetarium for 45 years as volunteer and then executive director. How's that for a promotion?

I know some of you saw his show when you were kids and would want to know.

Here's one of his last shows.

These shows will continue to run into September. The museum is still trying to figure out how or if the show will continue.

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