Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Links: August 27

Last week I posted a video for a song called "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" and asked what Ray thought of it. He loved it. Here he is watching the video. Ray Bradbury is 90 years old and still writing. I think his glasses may be about as old.

Major General loses his command because he was requiring those he commanded to attend Christian concerts. [link] [link 2]

RIAA and NAB want to require FM radios in most portable electronics. [link]

Japanese company invents machine that turns plastic back into oil. Japanese with English subtitles.

Darth Vader teaches Tai Chi.

Star Wars Tai Chi from John Leo on Vimeo.

Albert Einstein looks suspiciously like Marilyn Monroe. [link]

Color photos of Russia from before color photos. [link]

Stargate fan music video: PX-75309

AMC is turning the comic series "The Walking Dead" into a series.
You can read issue 1 for free. [link]
Here's a trailer.

The rumors were true. Neil Gaiman is writing an episode for Doctor Who. It goes for table reading Monday. But there were some cuts that were painful for Gaiman to make. Here's one. [link]

Seadragons. Who knew.

A fire tornado. I saw one of these. A farmer was burning his field. I was about a mile out. It was easily 100ft high. Probably more.

Another spiffy picture from Cassini. Try to figure out what's going on BEFORE you read the text. [link]

Philly must be a bit hard up for cash. [link]
She made $50? How can I get in on that kind of big money?

Footage from a camera attached to one of the booster tanks on the Space Shuttle. It takes a few minutes.

Corpses used to test new Orion space capsules. [link]

How to turn a pool into a major source of food and clean water. [link]

J Biebz's song "U Smile" played at 1/8 speed. Very etheric. [link]

The moon is shrinking? Definitely shifting. [link]


A story about the rediscovery of absinthe. [link]

Electron microscope scans of bugs. [link]

Fox condemns the New York mosque and those behind it. What they don't mention is that the major funder is also the second largest stockholder of Fox News. That's why they never mention the name of the person funding the mosque or show his picture. [link]

Photos with exposure times measured in months. [link]

Bird Olympics. [link]

NSFW ads! - This video is of a woman in England putting a cat in the trash. She's been identified and her identity has been spread. What she did isn't illegal, but people are reacting badly enough that she's under police protection. [link]

My grandmother (Grammie) used to have a good sized patch of poppies in her yard. Orange ones. Very pretty. I think they reseeded themselves year after year. But I did wonder about the legality of them. This article talks about poppies and the legality or unenforced illegality of them. It's quite long. [link]

Teaching orangutans to swing. [link]

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