Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How to find a needle in a haystack

Ways to find a needle in a haystack

0) Go through the whole pile one piece of straw at a time.

1) Burn the hay. Whatever remains must be a needle.

2) Get the intern to do it.

3) Use a big honking magnet to pull it out.

4) Jam your hand in at random. Murphy's Law says that you'll get stabbed by the needle.

5) Feed it to a cow. X-ray the cow.

6) Use a fan to blow away the straw.

7) Push it into a pool. The straw should float. The needle won't.

8) Metal detector.

9) Feed it to horse. Then you only have to sort through the manure.


lacochran said...

Give the haystack a tight perm. The thing that's sticking out that looks like a straight gray hair is the needle.

Tell the current administration that Bin Laden is not in the haystack so they will search there (with shock and awe.)

Ibid said...

Oh, I do like that first one.