Monday, October 01, 2007


By now you've totally missed the Friends of the Arlington Library Book Sale. I went last Thursday with My Krode, a chap that works in a nearby museum. Only members could get in so I had to pay a $15 cover charge to become a member and hope they had something I wanted. I walked out with $101 worth of books averaging about $1.75 each. And here I was finally getting my book pile whittled down. Mr. Krode on the other hand made a couple of trips and used his daughter as a book sherpa. I think he bought $350 or so worth of books. Many of those he will be selling to some university that he's an informal buyer for.
If you can you should try to go next year.

Saturday my parrot and I went out to the LoC Book Fest on the National Mall. Not as many gotta see authors as normal, but there were a few. Terry Pratchett has a new book out so he was there telling stories and taking questions. That chap who was writing all those alternative history books was there. And some older lady whose stuff I've never read but whose name you'd recognize if I remembered it was there.
Mostly I sat there hoping to hear from someone that I might want to read.

Sunday me and the bird went to Adams Morgan for the Crafty Bastards shindig. If I were a woman I'd have loved it.
I got a massage since I hadn't had one in several years. That's one of the things I miss about college. Massages were as plentiful and freely exchanged as sex back in the 70's. And sex definitely wasn't plentiful. He was fairly good. Mostly he loosened things up enough for me to be aware of all the stuff that still needed to be loosened up. But the money went to some AIDS for kids charity. I failed to ask if they were for or against it.

From there we went down to Dupont Circle in hopes of reading the book I was carrying around. Some little boy, 10ish, who seems to move around so much that he doesn't have much in the way of friends spent most of the day wanting to hold Gandolf. He was born in Russia and has lived in Paris, Holland, DC, and a few other places. He spoke fluent Hollish, Hollandaise, uh, DUTCH! yeah, he kept swapping between English and Dutch depending on who he was talking to. I think I read all of a page.
While in Starbucks I ran into this girl who didn't know me from Adam, but I recognized her immediately. I responded to her personal ad once. She never wrote back. She was terribly embarassed. I'm the second person who has come up to her and said something to the effect of "Hey! Didn't I see you in a personal ad once?"

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