Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'll eventually get back to Solar Decathlon stuff. But this is Halloween so I felt the need to write something more relevant. Today I want to address the misunderstood Lucifer since Venus was so prominent in this morning's sky.

Lucifer was one of the few Greek angels. He's also known as the "morning star" or Venus. But as the Christians slowly crushed the Greek polytheistic belief Lucifer became one of the angels who challenged the Christian god and was cast down to Hell.

Movies have made Lucifer synonymous with Satan. This is just one of those Hollywood things. Satan was the leader of the rebellion against the Christian god. Lucifer was just one of the many angels who followed. Let me repeat that. Lucifer and Satan are not the same being. They just both happened to tell Yahweh where he could stuff his prayers when he demanded that they worship and obey him.

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