Thursday, October 11, 2007

New shows

There's three new shows this season which are basically the same show. The basic premise of these three shows is some early twenties person in a go nowhere job has something happen which grants them great power which more powerful people wish to exploit.

The first show is "Chuck". Chuck works as a computer geek at a "Best Buy" knockoff. An old college buddy of Chuck was in some government agency and he went rogue. Before getting killed he sent Chuck an e-mail of a video which jumped into Chuck's head with all the secrets of the FBI, CIA, and probably some others. Now both agencies have someone using him for missions.

The second show is "Reaper". Our hero works at a "Home Depot" knockoff. His parents sold him to Satan before he was born in exchange for curing his father. When he turned 21 Satan comes to collect. Satan made him a bounty hunter to collect the souls of people who escaped from hell. So far this is my favorite.

The third show is "Bionic Woman". Our hero works in a bar and takes care of her little sister. One day she was in the car with her boyfriend when it got hit by a semi. He was just banged up, but she was mangled. He also happened to be part of a secret project to develop super spies with bionic bits and pieces. He saved our hero's life by getting her broken bits replaced. Both legs, an arm, an eye, an ear, and her blood. Now she works with the agency.

Another new show of interest is "Pushing Daisies". It's sort of Tristan and Iseult made for TV. Our hero was born with the ability to bring the dead back to life by touching them. When he touches them again they die and stay dead. If they stay alive for more than a minute someone else dies. A detective found out about this. Now they work together. They bring murder victims back to life long enough to ask who killed them and then collect the reward. This is not the Tristan and Iseult part. That comes when he brings back his first sweetheart and keeps her alive. Now they're deeply in love and can never every touch each other or she'll die.
See, in the original Tristan and Iseult were separated by a wall with a small hole in it. They conduct the entire romance through that hole.

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