Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Links: May 22

Titanium spheres of life from space. [link]

Opening titles to a non-existent Black Widow movie.

A song in memory of Jim Henson.

Trailer for The Overnight, a movie written and directed by someone my lackey went to film school with.

I need to make some of these. [link]

Camels came from Canada. [link]

A quick history of Industrial Light and Magic from the people who were there. [link]

You haven't been sufficiently horrified today.

Australia's plague of spiders. [link]

3D printed zoetrope. [link]

In disaster relief, the media is another problem. [link]

3D painting. [link]

Cars as ammunition. [link]

Rats help each other out of danger. [link]

An extremely well trained dog. [link]

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