Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday Links: May 1

Health benefits of whiskey are better than red wine. [link]

New temple to Thor dedicated. [link]

The incident that led to the interring of Japanese-Americans during WWII. [link]

Novelists talk about their symbolism or lack thereof. [link]

The first woman who ran for President. [link]

Pavlov's second round of dogs were eaten by the researchers during the Siege of Leningrad. [link]

A parroty of the song Wrecking Ball.

Weird Al guest edits Mad Magazine. [link]

The melting ice in Lake Michigan has left the water clear enough to see shipwrecks on the bottom. [link]

Audi creates artificial hydrocarbons (diesel fuel). [link]

The impossible bicycle.

The value of using soldiers when doing an archaeological dig on a battlefield. [link]

How white skin evolved. [link]

Arcology cutaways. [link]

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