Tuesday, February 14, 2012

trusting little creature

On the way to the vet Saturday we passed a very young fawn on the side of the road. Just a very narrow shoulder, a deer, a bit of grass, and then a wooded area. It's fur was damp, it's nose still fairly blunt, and it was calmly standing next to a fairly busy stretch of road munching grass. It's head looked more like that of a baby bunny than a deer.

About half an hour later, on the way back home, we passed the same point. The fawn hadn't moved. Yummy got concerned. We came back around, found a wider spot of the narrow shoulder, and stopped. The deer didn't care. We called the community's volunteer fire department and they said we were out of luck. Someone's cow roaming around would be one thing. This was a wild creature who, by our description, wasn't freaking out or anything. But, they agreed, it's momma was probably long gone.

So, Yummy got out of the car to try to convince the fawn that the grass further from the road was a safer place to be. She walked over to it and slowly reached out. I started to press the button on my camera just as Yummy was about to pat the deer. There was less than a hand span between her hand and the deer. But when the shutter reopened I had a different picture.

a different picture
It didn't run far. But it was away from the road. I watched it through the grass for a bit. It's a cute little thing. I hope it finds other deer to run around with. Or a nice friendly backyard to hang about in.

yeah, buddy, I don't wan't you touching me either 


lacochran's evil twin said...

That deer was just trying to save Yummy from the horror of Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Lyme Disease Fever.

Ibid said...

If she'd been able to touch it I know that thing would have ended up in the back of my car.

GreenCanary said...

The back of your car? It would have been sitting on my lap in the passenger's seat!