Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Game: Chrononauts

Another game worth checking out is "Chrononauts". You start with a grid that shows real world historical events. Disasters, wars, assasinations, and whatnot. Then you get cards that allow you to start messing with history. If Lincoln didn't die then Andrew Johnson wouldn't have been President and gotten impeached. And Nixon wouldn't have had to resign 109 years later. Things like that.
Initial game board.
There are three ways to win the game.
One is get to get back to your own timeline. Each ID card has one real historical event and two screwed up events. Change history so those three events are true and you're home.
A second is to complete your mission. That means collecting three artifacts from history.
ID and Mission cards
The third way is to get 10 cards in your hand. As you change history you create paradoxes. When Lincoln lived a paradox formed with Andrew Johnson and Nixon. If you reach 13 paradoxes the game ends and everyone loses. But if you apply a patch to a paradox you get rewarded with an extra card in your hand. Reach 10 and you win.

This game requires more thought than "Gloom" did, but is an interesting game to play none-the-less. You get history lessons and some rather convoluted thinking to make it work.

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