Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Links: January 27

Senator Dodd doesn't get it. SOPA is a horrible bill and the only way to get Congress to talk to concerned parties without massive payoffs is a massive blackout that makes sure the whole country knows and gets angry. [link]

You may have seen a trailer for the upcoming movie "Pirates!". The trailer has a scene where the pirate captain raids a ship that turns out to be full of lepers. Turns out several groups that represent lepers are complaining so the scene will be either changed or removed. Props to Aardman for not wanting to cause hard feelings, but shame on the lepers for not finding the humor in it. [link]

More Starbucks to begin selling wine and beer in southern California and Atlanta. Caffeine, alcohol, when do the tobacco sales start? [link]

I may need one of these bookshelves. [link]

This ad campaign needed a bit more thought. [link]

Game: Color - Test your color vision with this color matching game. I got and 8.9. I'm convinced I could do better. [link]

The Pirate Bay has named and will host plans for things that can be made using 3D printers. [link]

I have to assume the government's response to the SOPA blackouts was the raid on the Megaupload HQ. They hosted files that were too big for e-mail. I'm figuring that the raid and extradition of the owners was to point out that the point of SOPA/PIPA is to attack foreign data thieves. This article talks a bit about the raid and what Megaupload did. [link]
I have used Megaupload for both legal and non-legal purposes. Mostly to send the files for our books to proof readers and printers.

Anonymous struck out at RIAA, MPAA, Universal Music, and the Department of Justice in a response to SOPA. [link]

A country musician had a bird land on him during a concert. [link]
This has happened to me a couple of times. Minus the country music, of course.

Seriously nasty sea water in South Africa. [link]

Bad product knockoffs. [link]

Modular chocolates. [link]

I'm not sure what case motivated this decision, but the Supreme Court has decided that works in the public domain may have their copyright reinstated. [link]

Cats sing Christmas songs. Dogs sing movie theme songs.

Subway's product placement in "Hawaii 5-0" is even more blatant than the Prius and Vespa placements in "Bones".

Music video made in MSPaint.

Beavis and Butthead made real. [link]

Obama having some fun. [link]

You get a baby to cooperate for a picture by having the mother with it, just hidden. [link]

I'll have that, thanks.

The Puppet's Court. [link]

Whisky is lighter than water and it makes for a nifty bar trick. [link]

A 16 year old girl sailed around the world by herself. But Dutch authorities tried to stop her and she's afraid of returning home. [link]

Proper etiquette in recovering things from a burning house. [link]

A bat infestation under some roof tiles. Some more more like mice or spiders.

Right wing senior citizens had plans to save the Constitution by going on a killing spree at a Waffle House. [link]

Hideous cars that I love. [link]

What the inside of a SpaceX Dragon Capsule looks like. [link]

Vertical surface snowboarding. [link]

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