Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Links: January 13

Look like a brilliant programmer just by pounding keys. [link]

Pictures by a girl who snuck into a Russian rocket factory. [link]

How to make your own Doritos.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about a game pigs can play with people via an iPad.
Gandolf, my african grey parrot, has a switch on her cage that she uses to turn the radio on and off.
Oliver Queen, Yummy's green cheeked conure, plays Baby Balloons on her phone.
Prozac (Rosie), her other conure, attacks the cursor on her laptop.
Hobbes, my old cat, would search the ground for Mario whenever he fell down a hole on the TV.
Orangutans using iPads. [link]

Bearded dragon playing "Ant Crusher" on a phone.

But this is more of the owner playing with the cat than the cat playing with the computer.

Trivia. Some of it is even interesting. [link]

A cow escaped from a slaugherhouse. She fled to Sonic. [link]

picture: duck duck duck goose [link]

Select your singing hedgehog. [link]

A new beauty treatment - Fotoshop by Adobé. [link]

Electroshock: a cartoon (8 minutes). [link]

Why nobody ever talks about building a better cat trap.

TARDIS purse. [link]

On the hook for Star Trek 2 is Noel (Mickey) Clarke [link] and Benedict (Sherlock) Cumberbatch [link] as the unnamed villain.

"Literal Eclipse of the Heart" with Dr Who clips.

With original video. [link]

My new desktop wallpaper. [link]

Action figure technology has come so far since I was a kid. This Steve Jobs action figure is amazing looking. Mind you, in about two minutes those hands are gonna be hiding in the same place as that lightsaber you lost back in 1982. [link]

I'm thrilled that Santorum did so well in Iowa. A wackaloon like that doesn't have a chance in hell of winning. Enjoy these lovely displays of bigotry and ignorance from his own mouth. [link]

Can Montana's Supreme Court challenge the United States Supreme Court on the question of the personhood of corporations? They're gonna try. [link]

Orchestral version of "Still Alive (the theme to Portal)". [link]

Anti-whaling activists are now using drone technology to track Japanese whalers, most of whose work is illegal. [link]

I wasn't gonna mention the new crab named after David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff, because I thought that the nickname was their only appeal, but these pictures are rather impressive. [link]

10 pretty slick Christmas trees. That Lego tree must have some non-Lego supports. And I want a closer look at that plastic bottle tree. [link]

Superconductive maglev track.

This guy is drinking 42 litres of Diet Coke a week. Yummy's addiction isn't that bad, but not for a lack of trying. [link]

Fractals and music and it's a game and... I dunno. Have a look. Perhaps with some weed and a black light. [link]

Ok, now that you're already a bit stoned check out Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al performing "Come Together".

Ok, it's better in concept than in execution. So is this a cappella rendition of "Du Hast".

The movie adaptation of "World War Z" is gonna be a trilogy. I suddenly have a lot more faith that it'll be good. [link]

Some time back we saw these quad-rotor flying robots doing some impressive flying. Now they're working together to build a monument. [link]

If that's not Skynet enough for you, these guys have self healing computer chips. [link]

Hamster powered (and sized) sub.

If what I'm reading in this article is right you should be able to use a black light to help check for scorpions. If you try it out let me know how it works. [link]

12 ft model of Serenity used in the movie has been found. [link]

Depictions of snow in 100 different video games. [link]

Could automobile exhaust be making mid-week storms and tornadoes worse? It's a hypothesis worth considering. Add some research and it could become a theory. [link]

I've seen ladders turned into book shelves, but not like this. [link]

Use a hula hoop to make a carpet. [link]

An impressive massive king of hearts built in Minecraft. [link]

Only funny to people who have played Skyrim.

The canopy of a A-12 Avenger II stealth attack aircraft is on sale on Ebay. $620,238.00 as of last night when I looked. [link]

Katamari Christmas. [link]

Matt Smith and Gillian Anderson talking about their ComicCon experience on Graham Norton. I've seen the picture of Matt with all 11 doctor costumes. I love that he has that picture on his phone.

A much needed sign in any store. [link]

GoDaddy lost a lot of customers for supporting the SOPA. I know my friends were asking each other for another good option. [link]

Not familiar with SOPA? Read up. [link 1] [link 2]

I've carved up enough books that I can tell you THIS [link] is WORK!

RIAA claims they're not really downloading $9 million dollars of TV shows. "Someone's spoofing our IP addresses!" [link]

Smartphones make one more step toward Star Trek. [link]

A clip from the BBC4 show "So Wrong It's Right" where the guests bicker about the value of Twitter. [link]

I've got more, but I'm calling it good for this week.


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About? It's about whatever I feel like talking about. So movie and book reviews, a journal for my home repairs and assorted projects, link dumps every Friday... and like that.