Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Links: October 28

The only joke about a German baby.

Daylight Savings Time explanation.

I'm thinking of using this for Halloween treats. The house is dark, but on the front gate is a stack of cards and sign that says "take one". Printed on that card is the sign on this website. [link]

"Iron Sky" is coming. They have a comic book prequel to the movie. Issue one is free. For two and three you must pay. [link]

Texis Skeksis scare prank.

A big honking Hot Wheels track.

I had no idea that the housing crisis extended to hermit crabs. These guys are using 3D printers to help fix that. [link]

There's this physicist. He thinks everyone else, including other physicists, are idiots. He's become very popular in the climate change denial circles. Denial groups have thrown money at him, the GOP invited him to testify before Congress. He finally announced his results. Turns out those other physicists weren't all that wrong after all. [link]

There's a game I haven't played in which cowboys die. Here's every way a cowboy can die played back to back. [link]

These pictures are made by building a scene in a fish tank and then flooding it. Lights and stuff are involved too. [link]

7 urban legends that are true. [link]

150 years ago the first transcontinental telegraph cable was completed. [link]

Alcoholic drinks for parents. I post it mostly for the "Emergency Mimosa". It made me laugh. [link]

Look at this series of creative photos. Now imagine them all shown in series in a video. Kinda reminds you of the video from "The Ring", huh? [link]

Richard Branson on how Virgin Airlines got started. [link]

I can't believe I didn't post this before. Virgin Galactic dedicated their completed spaceport! [link]

Once upon a time, back when Clinton was President, back when the debt was being paid down, there was a realistic belief that the United States might get rid of the national debt. Not the deficit. The whole fucking debt. This 4 minute report from NPR money talks about a report written way back then and what would happen if there were no more treasury bonds. [link]

DARPA is looking for space craft capable of scavenging from dead spacecraft already in orbit. Great idea, but seriously, even garbage collecting spacecraft are considered comically difficult to make. And you really want something that can take safely approach, take apart, and reuse dead spacecraft? [link]

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