Monday, August 10, 2015

Friday Links delayed

The farmers' market on Thursday screws up Friday Links. Yeah, yeah, that's my excuse.
Place your bets on how long it takes to become Monday Links or I drop the blog entirely.

Toronto is smog free. Shutting down the coal power plants is one of the big reasons. [link]

Counter-script for dealing with telemarketers. [link]

What happens when cyclists obey the traffic laws. [link]
I don't mind stop signs meaning yield for cyclists so long as I'm not getting charged with vehicular homicide when they get hit when blasting in front of me.

Flying Human Torch.

They haven't release the light that runs 2 hours on a lift of the weight, so this will have to do. [link]

75 year old nurse commits suicide, because she knows growing old sucks. [link]

A natural quiet preserve. [link]

Making 2000 year old bread.

I used to love this dead mall.

The Nickleback of the GOP. [link]

Abandoned Japanese fishing village. [link]

Game: Error Prone - drive in a circle better than the automated cars. [link]

Popularity of swearwords across America. [link]

I made one of these for the farmers' market. [link]

Kitchen haunted by a baby ducky. [link]

The Food Babe makes up some bullshit about beer ingredients. [link]
Beer makers set things straight. [link]


How to build a Mossarium. [link]

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