Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Links: 28 August

Baltimore area Batman dies in car wreck. []
I regret that I never saw him on area roads.

18 CEOs called out by Bernie Sanders for economic sabotage. [link]

Conservatives opposed to misogyny? Since when? [link]

Why CG sucks... or doesn't.

Bulldog loves his box.

Cheap synthetic muscle. [link]

Mortal Combat in the back yard.

Beer that's heliumated instead of carbonated.

Game: MineCaves - A MineCraft styled game where you find the gems and keys in the dungeon. [link]

Zorro: Beyond the Thunderdome. [link]

GTA5 plugin gives you better camera control to make your own movies. [link]

JRR Tolkien's latest book. [link]
Three movie deal coming soon.

Another article calling anti-choice groups a bunch of liars. [link]

Bears playing in a pool.

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