Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gandolf feeds the dog

You've probably seen a video or two of a parrot feeding dog from the counter. Well, I got an in person demonstration.

My parents have a small, fluffy dog named Hannah. To make sure they don't accidentally double feed the dog they put pre-measured amounts of food in small bowls. If the bowl is empty then someone already fed the dog.

As Gandolf was exploring the kitchen in their new house she found the tiny bowls of dog food. She started taking out the food, one piece at a time, and dropping it on the floor. Naturally, the ecstatic dog ran around gobbling up whatever she could grab. I laughed, Mom laughed, Dad laughed, and then Gandolf got bored. Enough of this "one piece at a time" crap. She grabbed the side of the tiny bowl and picked it up. She was going to dump the whole thing over the edge if Mom hadn't yelled.

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