Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Links: November 28

First photo from Philae. [link]

The "sound" of the comet Philae landed on. [link]

Friendly deer with donut on its antler.

Inside the Siberian holes. [link]

Guy who appears as his own twin in his yearbook. [link]

Odor safe litterbox. [link]

Great celebrity letters to fans. [link]

Dramatic photos from WWI. [link]

Even if a fetus qualifies as a living human the woman's rights should still prevail over those of the fetus. [link]

A melting building. [link]

When Beijing runs clean. [link]

The invention of sliced bread. [link]

Play with fluids on your computer. [link]

Cut out flip books. [link]

An honest description of A Prairie Home Companion. [link]

What it's like living in space. [link]

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