Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Links: September 5

Global warming to make England to become penis shaped. (humor)

Taxonomy of climate change deniers. [link]

When the Beatles met Elvis. [link]

A cockatoo feeding the dogs.

This is what's replacing Clone Wars.

An intestinal microbe that prevents allergies.  [link]

Man arrested for waiting to pick up his kid in a public place while black. Video of the incident included.[link]

The Daily Show comes back from vacation and does a nice bit on Ferguson and racism in general.

Related to how that previous video ended, here's a story about a black movie producer who was detained while heading to the Emmys. [link]

Pros and cons of police body cameras. [link]

New information on the moving stones of the Devil's Racetrack (a.k.a. Racetrack Playa apparently). [link]

Game: Bring peace to the Middle East. [link]

The disease that causes "demonic possession" identified and treated. [link]

Home is more stressful than work. [link]
You'll notice that most of the reasons are child related. Which is why I don't have any.

Make your own rooting hormone for growing stuff from cuttings. [link]

An elephant playing with a ribbon.

33 facts that are total bull. [link]

Horseshoe crab blood detects bacteria. [link]

Robin Williams named his daughter, Zelda, after the Nintendo character.

Steampunk music. [link]
I like "Steam (Prometheus)" the most.

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