Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Links: September 25

Russian Winnie Pooh.

A special breed of dog that just turned a spit. [link]

30000 year old virus is largest one ever discovered. [link]

Dust from the Sahara causes a carbon sink in the Bahamas. [link]

A mission to save a  Soviet satellite in 1985. [link]

The long rift between Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. [link]

Frogs and an iPad.

Live webcast of the radio station played at and for NASA. [link]

India has something going into Mars orbit next week. [link]

Reliability of contraceptions over time. [link]

Dancing spiders and the beat they're dancing to.

Artificial sweeteners mess with the intestinal flora of mice. [link]

The new insulting term for ISIS/ISIL. [link]

18 kinds of people who comment on recipe posts. [link]

Adult playground. [link]
no, not that kind of adult playground.

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